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Train ride through a landscape riddled with triangle and sine waves.

Made on Jan 2, 2023 during Byte Jam organized by Field-FX


Snowman in the snow, on a snowy bridge by a snowy river. Moon is not snowy, it has no atmosphere.

Made on Dec 19, 2022 during Byte Jam organized by Field-FX

Flying raccoon

Raccoon flies across the sky, where it goes is in your mind


Particles! Simulation of movement and interaction. Very basic and not perfect by any means, but it looks nice when colours change on collision.


Celebrate your achievements with colourful balloons!


Approximating curves by drawing straight lines between points on a circle

TIC-80 presentation

TIC-80 Tiny Computer

Or why unbridled creativity without focus on productivity or perfectionism is really important

A presentation about basics of programming in TIC-80, with demos and a few words on what it meant to me as a programmer to discover this tool in terms of my own self-expression, creativity and joy of making silly little projects.

You can press "ESC" and exit the presentation, then press "F1" to go to the code editor. The comments before the slide rendering functions contain the script of the presentation, so that you can get more context.

Evoke 2022

A small demo-ish animation thingie created during Evoke 2022 in TIC-80. I want to do more with that font, I had different ideas here, but sometimes you just need to go with the flow and ignore your first idea. You can always go back to it later.

Generate All Images

What if we could generate every possible image? There's a finite number of combinations of pixels on the screen. And yet, there's infinite possible things we can percieve.

Well, it turns out that even if the number of possible representations of reality is finite, it is rather very big, which means that it takes unplesantly long to see everything.

This small project aims to generate every single 16 by 16 pixel image with just black and white. You can see for yourself that waiting for anything sensible to show up is rather boring.

Made with TIC-80, created during Evoke 2022.

Fix Pix

A small game inspired by r/place and Ludum Dare 50 theme - "delay the inevitable". Choose one of four pictures which will become your canvas. The pixels of the picture will be randomly replaced and you have to correct them. The longer you can keep the canvas >95% same as original, the better. Have fun!


All the frustration of the real thing, but now you know for sure you’re fighting a bot. 10/10
- Applenon


Rainbow Dash pixel art provided by Sigmath Bits <3

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NFPA 704

Did you ever wonder what chemicals match the given NFPA 704 diamond? Now you can check!

But did you know there's no strict rules or standards on how those chemicals are tested? And the diamond for the same chemical can be different depending on where you see it and who tested the chemical?

Yeah, me neither, until I started making this. I settled for the values I scrapped from Wikipedia, although there's still old data gathered from elsewhere - I don't remember what it was and frankly, I should remove that array sometime.

You didn't get me wrong. There's no database, just a big JS array to quickly match your input to. It works astonishingly well.